How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic & Difficult to Love Personalities. by John L. Lund. Hug Read and enjoy the words of author John Lund. How To Hug A Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic and Difficult to Love Personalities by Dr John Lund. Product Description. It is like Dr. Lund is in the room with you as he reads How to Hug a Porcupine, his book about how to deal with the toxic people we will all.

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This book is an important one for everyone since we all have to live with porcupines.

How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing With Toxic & Difficult to Love Personalities by John Lewis Lund

I found it to be that useful! Jan 01, C.

It is a very interesting but sometimes difficult book to read. His case stories and examples are clear and he addresses the unspoken question of when to call it quits with “porcupines” and what you can do if you stay.

I have learned about toxic traits I have and learned how to deal with toxic traits I see in my family members and people I have to deal with frequently. Read and enjoy the words of author John Lund. My favorite line of his is this; Some of you will either marry your biggest trial or give birth to it. Aug 29, Marianne rated it it was amazing.


I’ve tried several techniques he offers. I got it Monday and finished it early this morning Thursday. I think this is a very helpful book.

Oct 18, Missy rated it really liked it. The book over emphasizes how destructive criticism can be may be a personal perspectivebut if you patiently plow through the repetition, you are richly rewarded with the material that follows.

How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic & Difficult to Love Personalities

This is an excellent book. When dealing with difficult relationships, there are several cliches. You can’t make a person change; you can only change yourself. It helps you to realize how your communication comes across and puts it porcupinw the right perspective. We still live in a society of many many personalities.

Must-read for anyone who is less than perfect.

How To Hug A Porcupine

It helped to open my eyes and be more willing to try. Seriously, I cannot over-recommend this book.

This book just got better and better as I read it, I especially liked the end. Oct 09, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: Unfortunately, a toxic person will continue to provoke and try to insert themselves in your life. A great book that needs to be revisited often to remind you how to NOT be toxic or let toxic others tear you down. porcupins

How To Hug A Porcupine – Dr John Lund

Potcupine have purchased this book for others many times, because I just cannot explain things better. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book took a long time to read, only because I needed to immerse myself in what was said and to try and use his many wonderful ideas in my own life. I will trust you when your words and behavior are consistent.


Sometimes, helpful reminders on how to get along, understand, and give space to the harder to love can bring more peace to us and the social, working and family communities we strive to live in.

I have used this book yug several occasions over the years, when talking with clients about boundaries. Love is given, but trust must be earned.

If you are only ever going to read ho self-help book, then I recommend this one. How to Hug a Porcupine: That of living w Since I love reading these kinds of books, I was intrigued from the title alone. Claire — January 27, For All Eternity John L.

Be my Highest and Best Self. Excellent guidance on how to safely interact and have a relationship with a destructive personality, as well as lune to identify if you are one yourself, and changes you can make.