Here are some free plans to the Hydrofoam plane/boat. The kit is a great value, but if you just want to kill a Saturday, then here you go:). 4Q, UAVPilot, Hydro Foam Plans. A Hovering Machine, UFly, Flat Foamy. Amos Moses, Ewo, 3D Foamy. Avro Vulcan, Davereap, Foam Jet. AZ Shrike, AZ Astro. Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Ehh:rolleyes. So here we have the start of our Hydrofoam Build. Partly off a plan and partly made up.

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Free plans

And ended in a blast too So take off your CAPS lock then! Some of these plans require you to have PDF reader so please download it from here if you do not have it already. I bought a screamer to put on it.

Share This Page Tweet. Thank you sooo much!

Kos-MosFeb 10, I wan’t that virtical power that we have seen in the video that’s going around. The links in the first post are working for me. I think that is the one I need.

Like all my builds are. Grab yourself some depron foam and follow instructions.

Free RC Airplane Plans

And where did you get the plans? I’m getting a “Page cannot be found” message on the first post links. This kit really needs dual rates and expo too, so a decent radio is very much recommended.


Yes – your radio needs a mixing function or you will need a seperate mixer. Full Fuse Foam P Mustang. There are hydrofoamm plans in the first post of this thread, but I havn’t been able to print hydrofoaam out in full size.

I was merely hosting them, so I will have to go back and find them again. I’d llans intereseted if someone could post the length and beam of the full size craft so I will know if the scaling is correct when printer. I looked for the files a few days ago and all the links are broken. I have no idea what they are doing, but I trust them. RC micro DLG mini glider hand launch glider composite. So here we have the start of our Hydrofoam Build. Hello Everyone, If you’re looking for a hydrofoam that is already assembled, please check out our website at www.

Mike send me your email address and I can send them to you.: They only had three bundles of it.

hydrofoam from plans – RCU Forums

I also have a bunch of DVD drives I have tried the links several times but it comes up with the not available. I guess the pages have been overloaded. I used an internet freebee translater to find a translation word-for-word, but some a lot of the words didn’t translate, probably due to use in context, or too technical pkans a standard dictionary. I am making fair progress in building gropingand found out what all the parts were hycrofoam You got a link on what to do?


Plzns measured 3 parts along the wing so we can cut it as we get used to the thing in the air. D When the videos started hitting the web hydrofoaj year or so ago, I just had to have a MHO, but deliveries were long, and I just never got around to booking a backorder for one I’m curious how this one compares to the Miss Hanger One. F Raptor Park Jet foam free plans. F Hornet Park Jet park jet free plans.

You can just ignore them in the making, but that makes aligning things harder. I’m building my first hydro. Hydfofoam would love to have one of these things but to lazy to do all that cutting and stuff. That is what I liked when I first saw the videos and when I flown my old one too.