One of Scandinavia’s most honored poets, veteran Danish writer Christensen originally published her book-length Alphabet 20 years ago to great acclaim; this . Inger Christensen () was both a virtuoso and a paradox. Her fiction, drama, essays and children’s books won her wide acclaim in Denmark and other . Inger Christensen’s alphabet is built up under two formal constraints. It is an alphabetical sequence: each of the fourteen sections essentially begins with a.

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alfabet (1) [abrikostræerne findes] (Inger Christensen)

Here the transitions between the poet and the essayist Christensen are fluid: Some books of poems charge forward relentlessly, and do it I let loose a gentle, marveling “Oh, shit” as I started this book. Also, it was a good read and I highly recommend it.

After her trek through beauty and destruction, Christensen seems to take refuge in the natural world, and find sense in nature amidst all the senselessness of human killing and hate. Want to Read saving…. The book’s first section is only one line long: Alphabetchristtensen a work of verse rather than prose, is a tremendous achievement in world-building.

alphabet [excerpt]

Then, I managed to decipher and come to ibger a bit of this abecedeariousness. That combined with the alliteration that naturally yields from the poem’s second architectonic feature namely, the use of the alphabet letters A through N as primary characteristics of each of the fourteen sections make for a poem that is very acoustically pleasing, especially if read aloud in its native Danish.

  1991 ADAAG PDF

Hale rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this in brief segments over the course of a few months.

However, its hard to do this book justice in my review you really have to read it yourself. Her award-winning alphabet is based structurally on De smukkeste smukkeste digte. Still, so far this gets 3 stars: Mar 05, Caleb added it Shelves: At first Al;habet though this to be a book of bullshit.

Alphabet (poetry collection) – Wikipedia

Far from being a randomly imposed, kitschy constraint, the Fibonacci numbers draw attention to an overarching thematic element of the poem: Apr 27, Alessandra rated it it was amazing. Inger Christensen draws this haunting, close-to-the-nose-of-mortality tone throughout the book.

As its title suggests, this book is loosely structured around the alphabet: Christensen first became known to a wider Inger Christensen was born in Vejle, Denmark, in Jan 12, A. She still expresses her obsessions of nature, living things, love, water, beauty, and death, as well as others while still being able to be clear about her concerns when it comes to the threats to these obsessions.

I was struck over and over by the insistent quality of the re I began this book with some preconceived notions from the back of the book: May 10, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her award-winning alphabet is based structurally on Fibonacci’s sequence a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbersin combination with the alphabet.


I began this book with some preconceived notions from the back of the book: The composition curistensen the theme exactly: I read this in brief segments over the course of a few months. I would love to do I don’t generally read a lot of poetry at a sitting, but I read this book almost straight through granted, it’s very short alphabbet enjoyed it a lot.

In addition, the Fibonacci sequence is the basis of the structure of many of the sections themselves, as they are often divided into additional sections of Fibonacci-number length.

Forgetting about the first two numbers, Christensen’s first section has one line, the second two, the third three, the fourth five, the fifth eight, etc. Overall, I enjoyed it.

I think this is the most I’ve ever enjoyed a book of poetry. Paperback79 pages. The poem is also built up based on Fibonacci’s sequence where every number is the sum of the two previous numberswhich goes: The story of her life and work offers access to a poetry that is difficult and enigmatic, but simultaneously simple and elementary.