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Check all hose clamps and tighten as needed.

John Deere 6×4 Gator Technical Service Manual CD TM1518CD

Do not lose or substitute with any other type of washer. Do not spray water on a hot engine or transaxle. Install and tighten spark plug s. Some oil will remain in engine after draining. Use a thick rag or gloves to protect your skin. The vehicle requires large volumes of air to keep cool. Install air cleaner canister cover with rubber deefe unloading valve pointing downward. Check element of fuel filter for debris.

Determine cause of this condition and correct. If using concentrate, mix approximately 50 percent antifreeze with 50 percent distilled or deionized water before adding to cooling system.

Do not allow hose to contact bottom of reservoir or bend upwards out of the coolant.

Replace with a new filter element. Do not allow bottom of hose B to touch bottom of bottle or bend upwards out of coolant.


Check instruction molded into canister cover for proper installation. Compressed air can cause debris to fly a long servjce.

Fill reservoir as needed so it contains 25 – 50 mm 1 -2 in. Make sure end of hose C is positioned slightly above bottom of reservoir.

Service Engine Engine Warranty Maintenance Statement Maintenance, repair, or replacement of the emission control devices and systems on this engine, which are being done at the customers expense, may be performed by any non-road engine repair establishment or individual.

Oil capacities given are with engine and crankcase completely dry. Slowly open radiator cap A to the first stop to release all pressure. Use oil viscosity based on the expected air temperature range during the period between oil changes.

If radiator drain plug is seized, lower radiator hose can be removed for draining purposes. Keep engine compartment clean. See your John Deere dealer. Replace with new valve if worn, damaged, or missing. Install side screen after cleaning. Install drain plug 4×2 or close drain petcock and remove hose from drain hole in floor plate 6×4.

Remove bleed screw and seal washer A located by carburetor. Do not run an engine in an enclosed area without adequate ventilation. After all solution has drained, install radiator drain plug or hose and tighten engine block drain screws.

Check and remove any obstructions to brake linkage attached to output shafts on both sides of transaxle. Release joohn A and remove air cleaner canister cover B. Replace if dirt or sediment is visible on element.


Overflow hose must be installed properly to ensure proper function deeree the cooling system. Warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized John Deere dealer. If coolant temperature indicator comes on while engine is running, stop engine and add more coolant mixture to radiator. Fill radiator completely with flushing solution.

John Deere 4×2 / 6×4 Gator Workshop Repair Manual on CD | eBay

Follow the directions on the container sevice correct mixture ratio. Visually check dust unloading valve A. Use coolant with conditioner or add conditioner to coolant before using.

Failure to check the oil level regularly could lead to serious engine problems if oil level is low: Carburetor is calibrated by the engine manufacturer and is not adjustable. Add coolant mixture to reservoir so it is approximately half full.

Manuals & Training

Engine exhaust system may be hot and can burn skin. Allow engine to cool before servicing. Add coolant mixture at bleed screw port B until coolant runs out. Turn deeree cap slowly to the stop to release system pressure. Remove screw securing spark arrestor A to muffler exhaust ssrvice.

Be sure fan or flywheel screens remain installed and clean. Using incorrect coolant mixture can damage the radiator:. Then remove the cap.

Using incorrect coolant mixture can damage the radiator: