KAMMA IS AN ANCIENT CASTE GROUP IN INDIA LIVING IN ANANTAPUR, CHITTOOR, KADAPA, KURNOOL, NELLORE Different views expressed by people regarding Kamma tribe origin, like. . Posted by KAMMA CHARITRA at 6: 58 AM. Kamma caste is a South Indian Dravidian caste. books like (a) Vismrutha Andhra Nayakulu, (b) Kammavari Charitra, (c) Andhrula Charitra. View the profiles of people named Kamma Charitra. Join Facebook to connect with Kamma Charitra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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Let us not lie our caste. Kakatiyas used to have Reddy as their surname before taking up Deva and Devi. Subsequently, land holdings got fragmented and presently most of the Kammas living in rural areas are small farmers. Other states people knows who we are. English historians like Edgar Thurston and noted agricultural scientists like M.

Jaggayya ruled Chintapalli from onwards. Prasad — actor, producer, and director Ghattamaneni Krishna – actor,producer, director T. In Berger, Peter; Heidemann, Frank. We should be proud of being what we are.



Parties, Elections and Mobilisation. I agree Kakatiyas were neither Kammas or Reddys. Rudraraju surname Rajus are direct descendants of this Natavati king.

On a slab set up at the entrance of the Ranganathasvamin temple. The ccharitra of Kammas to the economy of the state of Andhra Pradesh is significant. In prolonged battles with Muslims between and CE.

Both may be one and the same or different. The Modern Anthropology of India: My guided impression remains they are Rajus.

Kamma (caste)

ka,ma Kammas grew to prominence during the Kakatiya dynasty’s reign CE by also holding important positions in their army.

During the course of time they migrated to different regions from there. First of all kammas are not kshatriyas. Marutheeraja May 26, at Nara Chandrababu Naidu gave a progressive direction to Andhra Pradesh and won global recognition to the state.

During the Golkonda period, the Sayapaneni Nayaks ruled Dupadu region as vassals of the Golkonda sultans. Ganapatideva’s charita daughter Rudramadevi was married to Veerabhadra, Eastern Chalukyanprince of Nidadavolu and his second daughter Ganapamba was married to Kota Betaraja.

They had a distinct identity of chartira own and are Rajus by caste. Marutheeraja May 20, at 9: It is not my theory it’s a fact.

Distortion of history for political ends and prestige is such a shame. Different views expressed by people regarding Kamma tribe origin, like Prior to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, creating the new state of Telangana, the Kammas and the Reddys were politically and economically dominant in the state. After the british empire, when the kingdoms were fallen, chaudri Tahseldar used to manage all the lands of the king and hence recently they were given some king kzmma.


Among all communities, Kammas were one of the first to charotra to education in large numbers. By this reason that land afterwards called as Kammanadu. They formed the Kamma Mahajana Sabhaa caste association, inwhich received encouragement from oamma political leaders.

The Kammas are at crossroads, today. Views Read View source View history.

He immediately reinstated these rulers as his vassals and married the daughter of Pratapa Rudra as a truce offering. Construction of dams and barrages and establishment of an irrigation system in Godavari and Krishna River deltas by Arthur Cotton was a great boon to the Kamma farmers.