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For more info read the PDF document listed below. You may not duplicate, alter, modify, rent, lease, resell, assign, loan, sub-license, distribute the whole or part of the Licensed Program, or make derivative works based on what is contained in the Licensed Program. News Location Social Media. Your vote has been counted. The knobs offer some game-time modification options without having to go into the menus. I did drop it a couple of times, and it didn’t even get scrached.

Korg, in no event, will be liable for the direct, derivative, collateral or consequential damage caused by the use of or the jorg of using the Licensed Program including but not limited to damage of data, lost commercial profit, interruption of work, lost commercial informationregardless of the degree of damages, and even if Korg was aware of the possibility of such damages or the possibility of espoal claim for damage from a third party in advance.

The synth leads are quite good also. Just don’t expect it to be in one piece once you get there.

Downloads | X50 – Editor/Plug-In Editor | KORG (USA)

It could easily do the theme. The only issue that I have is that the drum loops are a little more difficult to access in retrospect to putting your desired sound with your desired beat. The plug-in versions work properly with host applications that support Windows Vista. The ownership of the rights to and the copyright of the Licensed Program itself whether supplied via a storage device, diskette, download from the Internet or otherwise and the copyright of the contents of any manual or other written document belong to Korg.


There are many ensemble patches that are simply amazing. As with most instruments of this nature it takes some time to learn and understand all of its capabilities. It’s a really good sounding keyboard on most things. If it were was not so cheaply made I’d still own it. There are many preset orchestral programs that use this concept to create expressive sounds. You hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the aforementioned territory, without regards to conflicts of law provisions.

Windows users can uninstall using the regular Windows Uninstaller; MAC users must download the Uninstaller file below. I really love the pads, and the strings are nice too. It probably won’t stand up to being bounced around even in a carrying case, so road-worthiness is questionable.

Typically, when a synth lets you control vibratto, it sounds cheesy and fake, but for the winds the vibrrato is mopre on the natural side but not perfect yet.

Warm ensemble sounds, trombones, trumped duos, anything.

If Third Party Software has been supplied whether in conjunction with any Korg instrument or equipment, or as a stand-alone product a notice to that effect will be contained with or on the disk supplied and in such circumstances Korg shall be deemed to be acting as the agent only of the supplier of such Third Party Software.

Lot of usefull sequenzes. Although the keyboard action is not the best I have played, it is not that bad and quite playable now that I am used to it. There is a vibratto flute sound that is ultra good, and the oboe sounds are also great. No accessories were included beyond the AC adaptor. It helps not have to get deep into the keyboard all of the time.

Individual solo patches are included which could use some work, but they are good to be the byproduct of a synthesizer. Headings have been included for convenience only and shall not be used in construing any provision in this Agreement. Looks pretty nice on my rack. Windows Vista doesn’t recognize the new certificate so this new driver doesn’t work with Windows Vista.


X50/Editor/Plug-In Editor

Korg furthermore disclaims all responsibilities for direct, derivative, collateral or consequential damages caused by the use of or the inability of using the Third Party Software including but not limited to damage of data, lost commercial profit, interruption of work, lost commercial informationregardless of the degree of damages, and even if Korg was aware of the possibility of such damages in advance. I just couldn’t stand it I’m looking forward to working with it.

I have yet to contact Korg about any issues, but they have been bvery oorg in the past. There are many varieties espao when using surround sound output, its even more organic and evolving.

What do you think? If any kogr of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction or other competent authority to be invalid, unlawful wspaol unenforceable then such part shall be severed from the remainder of this Agreement which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. In my perspective it beats the others in this price range.

Im going to focus on build. Itrs kind of hard to use, but you learn it quickly.

I’ve had it for 3 months and I have yet to have any problems with it. So maybe they’re better with the more recent ones. This agreement is governed by and construed under the local law of the country where this product has been purchased.

Let’s get it in perspective There is a learning curve which requires putting in some time. This is where the X50 really does good.