THis may be a very dumb question, but how many grippers do I need for the KTA program. I heard someone mention in a post that you need a. Buy the KTA or RRBT grip programs and receive the other one FREE through Black Friday weekend. The KTA Program. I had considered trying out the RRBT and/or KTA programs recently, but upon .. I had been grip training for nearly four years at that point.

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I just went through a whole week of the KTA Program.


After re-reading KTAI began to put a lot of importance in finding the sweet spot in my hand. I don’t know for sure but I think I was the first guy on this forum to try it, and I had great results from it!

All grippers to date, even with the same rating from the original spring manufacturer, or with the same rating from the gripper supplier, have significant differences in: Again, you must practice the set and also find your particular sweet spot in your hand.

For an intermediate grip trainee that would consist of: How do you know what side of the gripper had the dogleg? The KTA Program is amazing. LCDforMeApr 13, Before I start back up I just wanted to see how many times I could rep my filed 1.

Increase volume by approximately singles. So, that would be overcrushes and negatives combined to give you singles for the week. I’m confident the program will have me closing the 3.

I have a trainer which i can just barely close and a number 1 which i can barely get parallel lol i know as i said i have a brutal grip. All of those seemingly little things add up to a big crushing grip!


Severe Negatives Severe Negatives are performed by forcing a gripper shut by pushing lrogram against your leg or using your other hand to force close the gripper as far as possible.

However, remember to always try and add load and or volume every workout.

Grip addictsKTA program. Does it work?

I am now looking to close my next hardest gripper, an RB My grip, when I started out on this path, was so bad that I actually had to use iron hooks on each hand. He was a whisper away from making history. ZerocrewApr 12, The BB felt a little different in my hand than the IM, maybe it was just in my head. Ray Hansford KTA is, hands down, the best program for closing big grippers available today.

My best feats where when I got in the middle of KTA: I would always hit a plateau in strength and just stop gripping for months at a grjp out of frustration, only to start back up and reach the same level again, followed by the same plateau If you feel your force go down in the seconds, stop that single.

Well, I’ve mashed my 3 8 times so far this morning and ;rogram emailed Kkta about getting a witness lined up. You may have seen my name in Mastery of Hand Strength Note the position of the pinky.

I believe the KTA Ktw really opens up ideas and ways of training that would normally go overlooked. KTA is a program that demands a lot of hard work and dedication. But if all or most of that gain came from learning to start with a deeper set, you didn’t really get any stronger, did you? They are “smooth out” negatives.

Well, when I reached the recovery or peaking phase I was anxious to see where my strength was.

KTA – Kinney Adapted Training

My new term for it. T, 1, 2, 3, 4 – The torsion grippers offered by IronMind Enterprises. What is Beyond the Range?


You must reach that level of mental toughness. If you have to struggle to get your singles, for example, can’t even wrap your hand on the gripper for the negative, you are pushing too far in one workout. Thanks to Bill for putting it together and for the outstanding customer service. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all program. You must remove all psychological barriers to “what’s normal”.

Rrbt & kta – IronMind Forum

If the handles don’t quite touch the full time, force it in to shut, if it comes apart a hair, force it in again The first official Captain of Crush.

All grippers are not created equal! Thanks for that info, Dr. Week 2 Target is singles.

Figure 5 – Improper Handle Position on the Thumb Side In figure 5, the improper handle position on the thumb side is again shown. I don’t remember the exactitudes of it, but it was so fast that I could see progress week to week. I have been training with IronMind grippers regularly for yrip 2 years.

I can only imagine the great results I will get after I go through the whole thing. Glossary Beyond The Range – Closing a gripper beyond the normal close range so the hand close tighter. Complete the program exactly as it’s written. When doing the “sets” of singles, you should be able to pound out proram the amount approximately which is why you do the second workout in the first place. Clay Edgin Certified Captain of Crush