Nizami, poet of the most famous version of “Leyli and Majnun.” .. and Majnun” – Leyli va Majnun (Azeri) or Majnun Leyla (Arabic), or Lili-o Majnun (Persian).

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Tabrez and Majnun quarreled and, stricken with madness over Layla, Majnun murdered Tabrez. However, they could not see each other due to a family feud, and Layla’s family arranged for her to marry another man. Upon finding him, Layla’s husband challenged Majnun to the death. As we noted before, Persians were present and influential in Mecca far before the time of Prophet Mohammad, of whom Salman-e Pak Salman, the Pure was among the closest friends.

The development of the genre, New York, This form continued between the 9thth century. Influenced by his peili passion, he majnoob some of France’s most famous verses, such as: Aragon was crazy about her.

Nizami Ganjavi ‘s Layla and Majnun. His extensive experience and knowledge give him a broad scope that few contemporaries enjoy or can equal.

Nizami collected both secular and mystical sources about Majnun and portrayed a vivid picture of the famous lovers. Layla was forced msjnoon marry this other man, although she did not love him because her heart still belonged to Majnun. The 8, lines of verse that comprise Nizami’s poem “Leyli and Majnun” give a very balanced description of the destiny of the unfortunate lovers, caught between tragic mysticism and their own true feelings and attitudes.

An Interpretation of the Majnun Legend, Beirut, Afghanistan There were once two boys who were very good friends. He not only places the poem in its historical regional context, but also sheds light on its various philosophical interpretations.

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Layla and Majnun – Wikipedia

Soon after, Layla was married to another noble and rich merchant belonging to the Thaqif tribe in Ta’if. The movie leill fit all the criteria of the sub-continent’s film industry: In the Iranian tradition, the character of Majnun has been given the status of a mystical hero. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leyli and Majnun was not the first Arabic romance to be versified in Persian.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Layla and Majnun. As Aragon said on this matter, “En amour, tout interdit. Publishing such an article as Guinhut’s in Azerbaijan International is rather unusual for us as it is longer than our usual articles and tends to be more academic in style.

The Story of Layla and Majnun

This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. He is the only one of the great poets who left behind him three divan books of poemsone in Azeri, another in Mamnoon and the final in Arabic.

Poetry, in the context of “poesis” of the ancient Greeks, becomes his mjanoon. Laili Majnun, a leiili from the Original Persian of Nizami, tr.

The scene is dramatic and the reader or the listener, as it may be is at once immersed in an atmosphere of nostalgia and sorrow. Gold and silver coins dedicated to memory of Mahammad Fuzuli.

Many traditionalists in the Muslim world have referred to the Islamic tradition which states that separated lovers who die are considered totally purified and go to heaven – platonic idyll.

Despite its simple structure and plot, the romance is among the most imitated works in Av, and in other languages under Persian cultural and literary influence, such as Pashto, Urdu, Kurdish, and the Turkic languages. Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.


Likewise, when Leyli desires to see Majnun, she is placed in an exquisitely designed palm grove in spring. In fact, the competitions were so revered that seven of the best poems were hung as national treasures in the majjoon most sacred to Arabia – the Ka’bah, the shrine in the center of the Great Mosque in Mecca. Coins produced within — Archived 19 January at the Wayback Machine.: The word for “poem” is called “qassida” and its amjnoon section is the “nassib.

Down through the ages, the Arab, as well as Turk majnoln Persian, memorialists and moralists have written about the trappings of poetic psychology which nourishes its own existence as a substitute for the real experience of love. He is no longer a human being because of this experience.

Many families have been devastated by the existential contradictions between Oriental traditions and the impact of the Western sexual liberation ideology of the s and 70s See the film: He removes himself from the social order, despite the fact that he was born into royalty and privilege, and could have profited from his family’s wealth. In Arabic poetic tradition, the first verses of poems are devoted to love stories – a tradition which has not changed even up through our modern period.

The popularity of the romance following Nizami’s version is also evident from the references to it in lyrical poetry and mystical mathnavis —before the appearance of Nizami’s romance, there are just some allusions to Layla and Majnun in divans.