View and Download Lexicon MPX user manual online. Lexicon Dual Channel Processor Stereo kHz S/PDIF Digital Output User Guide MPX MPX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User guide • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX User Manual.

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Generates an error message. Carefully remove the buttons from the rear of the front panel.


The 10MHz Z80 U8 runs at 9. Connect the analyzer input to the MPX 1 00 Right output.

This pro- Rate — gram, inherited from Lexicon’s PCM 80, gen- High Cut — erates a rich, airy effect that can simulate the Diffusion — sound of multiple sound sources from a Diffusion — Holding the end caps in place, install the six 6 screws.

This test verifies the input-to-output gain characteristic of the MPX through the signal path.

You do not have to print the entire manual Lexicon MPX but the selected pages only. To stop a looping test, press Store. Pull off the seven 7 knobs on the manuall panel b. C7 is discharged through D5 on power down.


Mixing the two delay taps together creates the flanging effect. C88 and C89 are power supply bypass capacitors for U Verify that all of the front panel LEDs are now off. Repeat the test, verifying levels for the MPX 1 00 Left output.

Lexicon MPX 100 user manual

This is generated by the Lexichip 3. The MPX produces effects from either mono or stereo sources. This is a bi-directional pin used to transfer addresses and data into and out of the device. Designate two auxiliary sends on your console and connect one to the left MPX input, and the other to the right input.

C53 and C59 are DC blockers which eliminate any offset from U1 6 to prevent potentiometer wiper noise in R Check for alignment, then tighten all nuts. Hold the unit face down, and carefully separate the circuit board assembly from the front panel. Verify that the front panel controls operate smoothly and correctly.

Enter text from picture: Turn the MPX 1 00 front panel Mix knob fully counterclockwise. The logic levels from the encoders are only valid when the enable pin 5 is low. MIDI signals are generated by Lexichip 3.


This alignment is determined by setting the serial data interface format pins on the CS to support the I2S format. There are three options available when a test has failed during the Bum In Loop: The Adjust knob has been carefully cus- tomized for each individual program.

Lexicon MPX User Manual | 55 pages

Wear an anti-static wrist-strap. This signal must remain in a high logic state so that the EEPROM SDA signal can pull this signal to a low logic level to generate an acknowledge pulse after the reception of each byte.

Performing this test will clear any registers stored in the MPX 1 If the test fails, the both red Clip LEDs will light. Use a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with warm water and a mild detergent to clean the exterior surfaces of the unit.