LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . Peter James Carroll is a modern occultist, author, cofounder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Carroll’s book Liber Null & Psychonaut is considered one of the defining works of the chaos magic movement. Carroll was a co-founder of the . We push the limits of our body and mind, sometimes breaking those limits to test our strength and willpower. We do not wade into the waters of.

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Superstition Low Chaoism All phenomena having come from the one source, there exist mysterious connections between things with similarities. Subculture libr will proliferate to such a bewildering extent that a whole new class of professionals will arise to control them. Dice Option Number 6: So frustrated that you’re whole world breaks apart and nothing make sense or has any meaning anymore.

Inhibitory drugs must be considered with even more caution because of their inherent danger. The sigil is charged at moments when the mind has achieved quiescence through magical trance, or when high emotionality paralyzes its normal functioning.


Dice are thrown to determine what unusual behavior and sexual irregularities will anr place. The merit of Carroll’s work is that he and other chaotes have shown us how magic truly works, whatever the god or demon it is we are devoted to, or the myth we live by.

The machinery needs to serve a purpose.

Even when it is exteriorized in the body’s image it is not necessarily visible to ordinary perception. In argument always disagree, especially if your opponent begins to voice your own opinions.

I was absorbed in every page and this entire book seemed to be what I had always been searching for – ideas that I had always been flirting with. Drawing blood from his right shoulder with a dagger, he traces the sigil of Mars on his breast and the Eye of Horns on his brow. Jul 11, Brandon Wicke rated it really liked it.

Liber Null & Psychonaut

The body is in a psychomaut position, eyes closed with all other senses annulled as far as possible. This is ok, because the book is relatable. If the foregoing proves insufficient to achieve gnosis, the magician stands on tip toe, eyes closed with arms locked behind, the neck stretched and the back arched, the whole body straining to the limit.


Evocation may be further defined as the summoning or creation of such partial beings to accomplish some purpose. Without that explanation it is blind faith. The trick is to see that joke played out even in the neutral and ghastly events which surround one. The pinnacle of excitation and the cave of absolute quiescence are the same place magically and physiologically.

Seek the emotion of laughter at wnat delights and amuses, psyfhonaut it in whatever is neutral or meaningless, seek it even in what is horrific and revolting. If this type of magic is attempted with a number of people working in perfect synchronization, it works much better. It may be a little “out there” for people who are uncomfortable with existentialism or absurdity. Acceptance and living without restraint I will call the highest virtue. Eventually he will find that the double actually is at the desired location.

It may also help to make clear the aeonic mechanism which creates the various psychic milleniums of past and future history. One tries to enter into the spirit of the condition whenever possible and to think about the desired result at other times.

Attachment to any nlul of oneself, one’s personality, one’s ambitions, one’s relationships or sensory experiences — or equally, aversion to any of these — will prove limiting. Atheism and Chaoism are presented in both their early and degenerate phases to make clear the stages of change, and to permit the use of the sacred cube. He beats a martial air upon a drum to open the temple, or else fires a loud weapon into the air.

The Self alone is God and should recognize itself in all things. I’ve been studying the occult four about 4 years now.

Yet you can still do One of the Psychonauf texts on postmodern magick.

A complete mythic pantheon resumes all of man’s mental characteristics. Only the most determined efforts are likely to make the imagined form persist for any time. This book cuts through all the bullshit and gives you tools to ajd real magick meaning it teaches you how to do your will in the real world.


This is customarily followed by some form of self -banishing, or even exorcism, to restore the magician’s consciousness to normal before he goes forth.

Glad to see you’ve already been wnd. The advantage of using such material bases is that the power residing in them can be built up over a period.

The so-called middle way, or path of knowledge, consisting of the acquisition of secondhand ideas, xnd an excuse to do neither and leads nowhere. Diagram 1 is an exposition of the survival of magical nuol from the first aeon to the fifth. The gods watch over everything in the world; there is no thing not under the auspices of some god or other. Aug 31, Jessecooperlevy rated it it was ok. Only the greatest determination can win even a few seconds of mental silence, but even this is quite a triumph.

Of all the forces which obstruct divination, none has more power over the civilized consciousness than what is called the psychic censor.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

Sleeplessness, fasting, and exhaustion are old monastic favorites. Then a further effort must be made in the interpretation to get that magical perception to come into complete manifestation. For this reason Sufi mystics were required to master a handful of secular trades in addition to their occult studies. Magic is the raising of the whole individual in perfect balance to the power of Infinity, and such feelings are symptomatic of imbalance.

Blood-lust and the urge to wanton destructiveness psycohnaut few useful purposes.

Do something you normally feel to be utterly revolting. Life is less the meaningless accident it seems. As I’m reading the book I realize I already know all of this stuff.