A little birdie called Google told us that all of you really needed some practice LLQP exam questions. Once you enroll to our online LLQP courses, you not only . Questions 1. Janice, Victor and Barry are owners of a small computer supply company. Janice is 50 years old and owns 50% of the business. Durham College administers the PROVINCIAL LLQP exam for various provincial regulators. The exam questions, content, and rules are all supplied by the.

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Durham College and the test centres cannot accept responsibility for the security of these items.

Your browser is out of date.

No seat will be held until payment is received. However it is important to note that reports are generated monthly for the regulators indicating questions which have performed poorly and these questions are reviewed by the regulators.

Refunds will not be given for registrations prior to your eligible rewrite date. The purpose of these exams was to pretest new questions before including them in regular exams. You may then submit the form by email or fax.

Considering questione proctors will not possess any more knowledge than candidates regarding pilot questions, they should not be solicited to provide explanations or justifications for this approach. Return to Index After the Exam Scoring the Exam Each exam is scored and the marks sent to the candidates and regulators as soon as possible after the exam session. I know that you know it but, did you apply it enough?

If the candidate has a medical issue that requires breaks during the exam, they must provide proof of the condition to Durham College 2 weeks before the exam date. Expired certification is not considered valid. Your email service provider Hotmail, Gmail etc may move emails from an unknown sender to your “junk” or “spam” folder. The exams are offered in Ontario in both paper and computer formats; the content of the exams is the same. Any session that is visible “open” on the website is currently open to registrations.

One of the most important tips to get you through this exam which can potentially gift you not only your financial freedom but also an independent lifestyle is reading your question carefully. Swearing raised voices threats of violence physical confrontation Candidates are expected to arrive at the exam session dressed “business casual” as if they were attending a client’s home.


Candidates must register for their exam at least seven 7 business days in advance exam sessions close to booking at 7: Testing yourself can significantly boost your confidence which in turn can help you clear the provincial LLQP examination. You are permitted to register for any module type during a scheduled 75 minute session.

LLQP Exam Prep Questions – Foran Financial Institute

Exam fees from a cancelled session must be applied against a new lkqp within 60 days or the fee is forfeited. Rotate image Save Cancel. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In the queetions an exam needs to terminated, the candidate forfeits their exam fee and will score a zero on the exam module. This site uses cookies. The test centres will assess the impact of any technical issues to determine the most appropriate course of action for each candidate.

Due to privacy legislation, we are unable to make or discuss accommodation arrangements with third parties.

Candidates who are divorced and have mismatched identification some married, some maiden MUST contact Durham College for authorization before registering for the exam A birth certificate and court documents may be necessary to resolve the identification differences. In addition the candidate will face a suspension from writing the exam, and administrative fee for their next exam attempt.

Notify me of new comments via email. Insurance Licensing Exam in CanadaAlthough there are several ways to get register for Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada, but Before we get into the steps of getting an insurance license ….

Return to Index Rules during the exam The LLQP exams are certification exams and therefore subject to a number of regulator supplied policies and rules. Final confirmations will be sent by e-mail to all candidates one week before the scheduled date of the exam. The following will not be tolerated either during the exam sessions or while communicating with any of the administration llqpp. Insurance of persons Compulsory training Examinationscurrent section Manuals Evaluation Tables Exam calendars Practice examination questionscurrent page Pilot exam questions Exam pass rates Rules for rewriting failed exams.

This is to afford a level of professionalism qestions the session and to show respect for the other candidates qurstions the session. Once a registration request has been processed typically one business day after submitting the registration online with an approved payment transaction receipta confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address supplied at quextions time.


Valid Program type but certification has expired before registered exam date Contact your course provider regarding re-certification. She was off questionw for three weeks and during that time Victor and L,qp did their best to cover her by doing her work plus their own.

Each question is scored as either correct 1 point or wrong 0 points. Once registered there are no refunds or cancellations permitted.

In all cases, only one answer is correct. All candidates must complete their entire certification program PRIOR to challenging any of the examination modules.

Candidates will receive this email notice normally within 7 business days of writing an exam module. Candidates must review the information contained in the confirmation email to ensure that all personal information and exam schedule information are correct.

Any missed exam module will not count as a writing attempt however the exam fee would be forfeit. In the event the computer cannot score the exam, the answer sheet is reviewed and the questionable answers corrected manually.

Candidates arriving late after the scheduled questionz start time will NOT be permitted to write their examination module. Please do not wear perfume or strong scented products on quetions day of your exam. Once booked, an exam session cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by the candidate. What questlons true about the guarantee after the surrender? If you wish to proceed auestions a re-mark of your exam you will need to e-mail LLQP. None of the exam material may be copied, transcribed or removed from the exam room.

Hats or caps are not permitted. The required information may be sent to Durham College by fax On the day of the exam, the quesstions must supply one piece of valid government issued photo identification. You are unable to attend the exam or arrive late You are ineligible because your certification status is not updated by the deadline You fail to produce the required Identification at the exam You need to be removed for failing to abide by the expected conduct during the exam Note: