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It performs notably worse in every way than NJM except power consumption. Used in high gain critical applications the rules can be different. Figure 1 shows the basic way. This dramatically speeds up sweeps with points for each pass but it also limits the accuracy and ultimate noise floor compared to using FFT post-processing.

NwAvGuy January 25, datashwet 6: It well, it’s dataaheet by some groups of people explains a lot, thanks! The dissipation goes up with the square of the supply voltage. The only reason not to take a perfectly competent, and more comfortable, BMW instead is so you can be seen in your Ferrari. Most of this current is for biasing the internal transistors.

Furthermore, the paper analyzes the influence of thewhen we talked about reluctance: Just one question – some time ago I came across the NJM in the DigiKey catalog, and the description said “noiseless”. NE will excel here.


Anonymous August 19, at Here are the favorites plotted vs frequency also taking the output directly from the gain stage op amp under test. Pin 7 was connected to a 10K pot yielding about a 1. Actually I’d rather drive a GT3 to the supermarket but that’s besides the point.

Low Noise — Op amp noise is modeled two ways–current noise and voltage noise.

SpringHalo May 20, at 3: Doug Self, lj4580 also tested it in some similar configurations, seems less concerned. It also has very high distortion into 32 ohms–especially at high frequencies–although at least some of that is the OPA “third channel”.

【LM4580 NSC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

I have heard some versions of the are a few datashest better than others. NwAvGuy, This blog is great. Overall I tested nearly two dozen op amps. This is usually compensated for by adding the correct value of capacitance in parallel with the feedback resistors from output to the negative input.

LM Datasheet catalog

And, in reality, the voltage and current specs tend to be mutually exclusive—i. But, generally, the or LM would be a better choice for such applications if the higher cost is not an issue. With reactive loads, the voltage drop across the resistor will be out of phase with the output of the amplifier. I put a JRC in my preamp and used it to drive headphones through 1ohm resistors.


The testing was mostly limited to op amps suitable for the gain stage of the O2. The distortion drops as the harmonics fall above this frequency. I had a tube of ne and half of them had high dc offset compared to the rest.

Generally, the higher the better and it should be at least 90 datashdet worst case. Stephan October 3, at 3: Anonymous June 10, at 3: They specify the minimum gain they can be used at.

They both have the same power dissipation which is ultimately the limiting factor for power output. Steve Davies January 25, at 2: Anyone who argues datasehet specs don’t matter is welcome to step up and take the challenge with their own ears, their own fatasheet, and their own music. Steve January 25, at 4: It turns out the following op amps find their way into headphone products for exactly the same reason— to be seen.

For Colpitz oscillator design, a Spice model structure is given for fig. NwAvGuy October 20, at 2: